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About Mobile Applications
Features of Mobile applications on different Platforms :
Android Mobile
Android Mobile Application Development using the popular Google Android Platform for Smartphones to take advantage of its design, compatibility and flexible features to create innovative next generation android applications.
Android powers over 80 percent of the world’s smart phones, and represents an incredible opportunity for developers everywhere. The Building for Android application gives you the best opportunity to reach these users and make an impact - both in your community, and on the world.

Blackberry Custom Application Development at Source Code Info Tech, caters to all your business specific needs and leaves you connected with everything that is important in your personal and professional lives.

iPhone - iOS - iPad
Development of iPhone custom-made applications for the most popular communicative device to today – the iPhone, combines the power of internet with its remarkable Multi-touch technology and extraordinary features.
iOS continues to be the most reliable in mobile platform; due to Apple’s high standards; that ensure modernization and quality, businesses are more interested in getting significantly greater returns on their application investment. Still iOS App development is the most promising move for businesses to stay competitive and grow.
Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the worldwide market share in the tablet phone industry. Our expert app developers and programmers are capable of designing and developing iPad Apps that are custom built, innovative and engaging, We don’t only build apps we believe in building long lasting relationship with our clients.

Windows Mobile
Custom Windows Mobile Applications development for smartphones and mobile handsets using the Windows Mobile platform for unique business needs of your organization to increase your productivity and improve your competitive.
Windows Mobile OS is one of the largest deployed Operating Systems on the mobile and the handheld Devices. Our experienced team at Source Code Info Tech has the expertise in developing windows mobile Applications. Windows mobile app development often depends on the target audience and intended use of the product.
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