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Prgramming Language : AJAX TOOLKIT

AJAX - Slider-Show


Minimum - Minimum value allowed.
Maximum - Maximum value allowed.
Decimals - Number of decimal digits for the value.
Steps - Number of discrete values inside the slider's range.
- Current value of the slider
EnableHandleAnimation - Enable/disable the handle animation.
HandleAnimationDuration - Duration of the handle animation, in milliseconds.
RailCssClass - CSS class for the slider's rail.
HandleCssClass - CSS class for the slider's handle.
- URL of the image to display as the slider's handle.
Length - Width/height of a horizontal/vertical slider when the default layout is used.
BoundControlID - ID of the TextBox or Label that dynamically displays the slider's value.
RaiseChangeOnlyOnMouseUp - If true, fires the change event on the extended TextBox only when the left mouse button is released.
TooltipText - Text to display in a tooltip when the handle is hovered. The {0} placeholder in the text is replaced with the current value of the slider.


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