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Prgramming Language : AJAX TOOLKIT

AJAX - Recorder-List

DataSourceID - The DataSource to use to populate this control
DataKeyField - The primary key field for the data
SortOrderField - The field that represents the sort order of the items.
ItemInsertLocation - Determines where new items are inserted into the list, can be Beginning or End
DragHandleAlignment - Where the drag handle should be relative to the item row - can be "Top", "Bottom", "Left", or "Right"
AllowReorder - whether to allow drag/drop reordering. This is automatically set to true if a ReorderTemplate is present
ItemTemplate - The template to display for items in the list
EditItemTemplate - The template do display for a row that is in edit mode
ReorderTemplate - The template to use to show the drop location when doing a reorder operation. This template is not data bindable.
InsertItemTemplate - The template to show for adding new items to the list.
DragHandleTemplate - The template for the drag handle that the user clicks and drags to reorder items.
EmptyListTemplate - The template to show when the list has no data. This item is not data-bindable.
PostbackOnReorder Determines if reorders initiate a postback or callback. To use any edit or delete functionality of a data-bound list, postbacks must be enabled.

  • Asynchronous
  • JavaScript
  • And
  • XML

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