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Prgramming Language : AJAX TOOLKIT

AJAX - Numeric-Up-Down

TargetControlID - The ID of the TextBox to modify
Width - Combined size of the TextBox and Up/Down buttons (min value 25). This property is not used if you provide custom buttons.
RefValues - A list of strings separated by semicolons (;) to be used as an enumeration by NumericUpDown
Step - Step used for simple numeric incrementing and decrementing. The default value is 1.
TargetButtonDownID/TargetButtonUpID - Reference to custom Up/Down buttons.
ServiceDownPath/ServiceUpPath - Path to a web service that returns the data used to get the next or previous value. This property should be left null if ServiceUpMethod or ServiceDownMethod refers to a page method. The web service should be decorated with the System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService attribute.
ServiceDownMethod/ServiceUpMethod - Web service method that returns the data used to get the next or previous value, or the name of a method declared on the Page which is decorated with the WebMethodAttribute. The signature of this method must match the following:
Tag - Specifies a custom parameter to pass to the Web Service
Minimum - The minimum value allowed by the extender. Currently, it does not prevent out of range values from being entered into the textbox even if Minimum or Maximum are specified on the extender, but using the up/down buttons should bring the value into the allowed range when clicked.
Maximum - The maximum value allowed by the extender.




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