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Prgramming Language : AJAX TOOLKIT

AJAX - Basic-Introduction



An AJAX Control Toolkit control works just like a normal ASP.NET control. You can drag the control from the toolbox onto an ASP.NET page. You can add the control to the page in either Design view or Source view.
There is one special requirement when using the controls from the AJAX Control Toolkit. The page must contain a ScriptManager control. The ScriptManager control is responsible for including all of the necessary JavaScript required by the AJAX Control Toolkit controls.

Learn more AJAX - ToolKit Functions

* Introduction
* Accordion
* Drag Panel
* Animation
* Auto Complete
* Calendar

* TextBox Watermark
* Cascading DropDown
* Collapsible Panel
* Confirm Button
* Dynamic Populate
* Filtered TextBox

* Drop Down
* Drop Shadow
* Hover Menu
* List Search
* Masked Edit
* Modal Popup

* Tabs
* NoBot
* Numeric UpDown
* Paging Bulleted List
* Password Strength
* Popup Control

* Rating
* ReorderList
* Resizable Control
* Rounded Corners
* Slider
* Slide Show

* Animation
* Toggle Button
* UpdatePanel-Animation
* Validator Callout
* Always Visible Control
* Mutually Exclusive CheckBox